Xbox Series X Gucci Console Costs $10,000


As part of Microsoft's 20th anniversary Xbox celebrations, the company has partnered with high-end fashion company Gucci for a very expensive Xbox.

Microsoft and Gucci created 100 "Xbox by Gucci" Series X consoles and matching controllers that feature Gucci's iconic designs. The console itself features a laser-cut monogram motif of the famous GG pattern that serves as both Guccio Gucci's initials and also the popular gaming phrase Good Game.

The controller has blue and red stripes inspired by the brand's House Web design. The console and controller come inside a hard carry case with blue and red stripes. An Xbox Game Pass subscription is included as well, because of course it is.


Only 100 are being made, and they sell for $10,000 each. You can find them for sale in Gucci's stores starting on November 17 in New York, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, London, Berlin, Beijing, and Tokyo.

In other Xbox news, the company's 20th anniversary event is coming up this Monday, November 15. No game announcements are expected, but Microsoft will look back at the past two decades of Xbox and celebrate the franchise's accomplishments.

The next big Xbox game after Forza Horizon 5 is Halo Infinite, which releases on December 8 and might be just the beginning of what Microsoft has in store for Halo.

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